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Browse our expansive range of PLA filament from this page. Simply choose your desired filament diameter (1.75mm or 2.85mm) and explore our vast range of colours and effects. The team at 123-3D.co.uk strive to get you the best prices for your PLA filament and aim to get it to you the next business day (if ordered before 4.55pm), so you can begin your next project as soon as possible!
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Buying PLA filament for your 3D printer? Order online at 123-3d.co.uk!

PLA Filament

Your only limit is your imagination with the wide range of PLA filament available today from 123-3D.co.uk.

The Range

As well as the standard PLA filament available here in many colours, you can also choose PLA with special effects to ensure your prints stand out. This exciting range of PLA filaments includes glow in the dark or fluorine options. Also available is PLA filament with wood or metal particles. With these products your 3D printed objects won't look like they're made of plastic but will instead take on the appearance of a different material. This further expands the possibilities of your 3D printer!

About PLA

A versatile filament, there’s no wonder it’s the most popular. User-friendly, PLA is great for newcomers and 3D printing experts alike. It’s also made from biodegradable raw materials like wheat and corn, making it a sustainable choice.

When ordering PLA filament, pay close attention to the diameter of the filament. PLA is a very easy filament type to print with and has few requirements. For example, a heated bed is optional, so you can also 3D print with PLA without a heated bed.

For more information about this filament, check out our helpful guide to PLA.

Buying PLA for your 3D printer? Order from us at 123-3D.co.uk!

Have any questions about ordering from 123-3D.co.uk? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page!