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Choosing the right 3D pen

3D Printing Help Centre


In the 123-3D help centre, we answer all your questions about 3D software and printer settings, problems you may experience during or after 3D printing and other 3D-related topics.

All about choosing a 3D pen

Thinking about purchasing a 3D pen? Read here what you can make with a 3D pen, for whom it is suitable and which 3D pen is the best choice.

3d pen kiezen
What is a 3D pen?
What can I make with a 3D pen?
Is a 3D pen suitable for children?
What is the best 3D pen?

What is a 3D pen?

3D pen PROA 3D pen is a handy pen that heats plastic, making it soft and mouldable from the nib. By moving the pen while the plastic is still soft, you determine the shape in which the plastic hardens. So you can create your own designs, in 2D and 3D!

The 3D pen, like the 3D printer, uses plastic filament to create 3D objects. This plastic is available in many colours. The 3D pen offers almost unlimited possibilities for creating your own designs. Working with the 3D pen is easily accessible and requires no technical knowledge.

What can I make with a 3D pen?

With a 3D pen it is possible to create three-dimensional plastic drawings freehand. The possibilities are endless! But especially if you are just starting out, it is easy to work with an example. There are a large number of stencils available for the 3D pen. With this, you can create a 3D object step by step. If you print a 3D pen stencil on an A4 page, you can then trace it with the 3D pen. This way you can create something very beautiful in just a few steps. The three examples below were made with a stencil.

These 3 examples were made with the 3D pen PRO from 123-3D: 

3D pen examples

Is a 3D pen suitable for children?

Yes, of course; the 3D pen is fun for young and old! With a 3D pen, children let their imagination come to life. It's an educational way to get creative with designing and making miniatures, jewellery, accessories and more.

We recommend the 3D pen for users aged 8 to 99 years. Make sure that there is always adult supervision because the tip of the 3D pen gets very hot. The plastic is also very hot when it just comes out of the pen. Users of all ages should be aware of this and handle it with care.

What is the best 3D pen?

At 123-3D, the 3D pen PRO has been the most popular choice. This 3D pen has a very good price-quality ratio and a clear display. A big advantage is that it is easy to use; no technical knowledge is required! Only the most important settings are present: the choice of 2 temperatures (for different materials) and the choice of 8 speeds. This versatile 3D pen can be used for all kinds of projects and there are many types of 3D pen refills available. The 3D pen PRO can also be used by left-handers.

Order the 3D pen PRO in black or white

Do you have another question?

Have you not been able to find the answer to your question in the overview above? At 123-3D.co.uk we are busy with 3D printing every day and we like to follow every development. We are happy to share the knowledge and experience that we have built up over the years with you in our 3D printing help centre!
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